Our Core Expertise

At Umstot Project and Facilities Solutions, LLC, we tailor our services to meet your needs and challenges using our core expertise.  

Capital Project and Program Planning and Management:

  • With direct "hands-on" experience as an owner responsible for planning, design, construction, commissioning and outfitting on more than $3B in capital bond programs, we bring a full range of expertise and solutions to challenges you may have.  Let us assist you with bond planning, environmental documentation, facilities and utilities master planning, procurement strategies, execution strategies, commissioning, project delivery models, green building strategies and sustainability. You can learn more about our approach to capital bond programs in this report prepared for San Diego Community College District http://issuu.com/sdccd/docs/coc-ar-2012?e=6723145/1745269.

  • With over 40 collective years of experience in the private sector, our team brings tremendous knowledge of how consultants, builders and specialty trades approach delivery of projects and management of their contracts.

  • Because of this breadth of public owner and private sector experience, we are uniquely qualified to bring the complete perspective to providing solutions to your challenges.

Facilities Maintenance and Operations Improvement:

  • Having managed facilities maintenance and operations of more than 17 million square feet since 2004, we understand the challenges in providing for routine, preventative, and deferred maintenance in a budgetary environment of diminishing resources.

  • We bring lean enterprise methodology and processes to create value and eliminate waste in delivery of facilities maintenance and operations services.  With proven results and lean enterprise certification, our team can help you benchmark and identify areas and strategies to improve performance.

  • At San Diego Community College District, the built environment is being increased by 1.6 million square feet with an initial projected budget impact on maintenance and operations of $13 million annually under the previous business model.  Through lean enterprise efforts since 2009, this has been reduced to a forecasted impact of $6 million annually.  You can read more about this effort here http://www.tradelineinc.com/reports/2012-5/lean-transformation-targets-operating-cost-shortfall.

Energy Management, Renewable Energy and Utilities Strategies

  • With proven energy management expertise as evidenced by an Energy Champion award from San Diego Gas & Electric in 2013, we can assist you in developing strategies to improve energy efficiency, reduce your energy consumption, and lower your utility costs. Learn more here: http://www.sdge.com/sites/default/files/documents/223488684/2013%20Energy%20Showcase%20Case%20Study%20-%20SDCCD%20FINAL%20FOR%20WEB%20050313.pdf?nid=5156 .

  • Having conceived, developed, planned and implemented a solar initiative to deliver 2.5MW of photovoltaic power on the San Diego Community College District campuses, we understand power purchase agreements, net metering considerations, and self-installed solar power generation.  If you are considering renewable energy to meet your sustainability goals or reduce your greenhouse gas footprint, we can help you develop the solutions which are best suited for your built environment.

  • With the advent of smart metering and web-based platforms for managing energy and building automation, we can assist you in developing strategies to monitor and act on the energy performance of your buildings.  You can learn more about smart metering and dashboards through this presentation given by David Umstot at the 2012 ASHRAE conference in San Antonio, Texas http://www.umstotsolutions.com/presentations/practical-applications-for-ddc-dashboards-and-green-kiosks/.


  • We are dedicated proponents of sustainability and can assist you in developing sustainable strategies for your organization.  View this sustainability report for what has been accomplished at San Diego Community College District http://issuu.com/sdccd/docs/sustainabilityreport?e=6723145/3387280.

  • We understand the United States Green Building Council Leadership in Energy and Environment Design certification process having managed 41 projects that have attained LEED certification or are tracking LEED certification including a prestigious LEED Platinum building.

  • As a Certified Green Building Professional and pending Certified Green Real Estate Professional from the Build It Green organization, we understand how to integrate green design strategies into projects.