The Last Planner(R) System in Action

This video shows a demonstration of Milestone Planning and pull planning using The Last Planner(R) System on a southern California project in 2014.


San Diego Community College District - San Diego Gas & Electric 2013 Higher Education Energy Champion

This 2-minute video captures some of the sustainability initiatives including a green building policy, energy efficiency, solar power generation, retrocommissioning, LEED certification on a large-scale and smart metering that resulted in this prestigious award from San Diego Gas & Electric.


San Diego Community College District Pull Planning Workshop Video - January 18, 2013

This video highlights a pull planning simulation hosted by San Diego Community College District to facilitate a better understanding of pull planning by the builders supporting its $1.555 billion bond program.  For those unfamiliar with pull planning, you can learn more at our resources page.


San Diego Community College District Pull Planning Session at City College - September 11, 2012

This video captures a weekly pull planning session in action at the San Diego City College Business Technology Arts & Humanities Buildings project.  It may seem chaotic, but what is really transpiring is collaboration among the trade foremen.


David Umstot Interview with Frank Shadpour on Integrated Project Delivery - April 2010

This interview was conducted in April 2010 as part of a SDG&E-sponsored seminar event on Integrated Project Delivery hosted at Qualcomm.  Please view it to learn more about IPD and my perspective on it.